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Get paid faster and keep customers happy.

Reduce touches, streamline workflow, and help your teams work smarter. Cforia.autonomy™ Collections automates low-value tasks and helps teams focus on priority accounts. Real-time customer, account, and financial information from across enterprise systems inform strategy.
  • Reduce DSO and credit risk
  • Maximize collector productivity
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Drive actionable AR insights

A simpler, more intelligent collections process.

Dynamic Worklists

Powered by real-time customer intelligence, dynamic daily worklists help collectors stay focused on strategic accounts.

Automated Dunning

Reach customers the right way at the right time with personalized communication templates sent automatically according to your rules.

Promise-to-Pay Tracking

Never waste time and effort, or confuse another customer, by calling on a collected invoice. Track and automatically close commitments when a payment is received in the ERP system.

Integrated Dispute Management

Disputed items are identified for resolution and disputed invoices are separated for reporting and processing.

Real-Time Visibility

Make informed decisions and continuously improve strategies based upon real-time metrics and KPIs.

Detailed Activity History

Approach each customer interaction uniquely and strategically with individual customer call logs, payments, tasks, and correspondence in one place.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Cforia’s platform has improved our visibility and allowed us to create a more efficient workflow. The platform increased collaboration between sales and AR, resulting in an 80% reduction in overall open deductions.”

Mark Tomasi, Credit Manager, Sennheiser


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