Cforia Credit Hold and Order Management Functionality

Expedite Order Hold Management and Release from Cforia's Accounts Receivable Automation Platform. DBT makes better release decisions.

Credit professionals spend tremendous amounts of time establishing credit limits to
minimize company risk exposure. Most order-entry systems have very limited credit
checking capabilities. This results in credit worthy customer orders put on hold.

Cforia's Order Hold Management provides credit information that will help your company
make better informed release decisions.  Separate tracking of "clean and dirty" receivables
prevents customer deductions and disputes from distorting good payment patterns. Days
Beyond Terms Trending analysis quickly separates good paying from at-risk customers.

Tying a Promise to Pay Transaction with a release will help get your delinquent customers
back on track for paying more promptly.

Cforia’s Real-Time Integration with your ERP system improves order management
efficiency and allows held orders to be released quicker. This saves having to log into your
ERP system.

Seamless Order Hold & Release:

  • System automatically calculates Days Beyond Terms with Trending Analysis for every customer
    to drive better credit release decisions.
  • Separate "clean and dirty" receivables tracking prevents customer deductions and disputes
    from distorting customer payment patterns.
  • Days Beyond Term Trend Analysis improves release decision speed and accuracy.
  • Real-Time Integration allows held orders to be released without logging into your ERP.
  • Integrated order management allows A/R departments to work solely from a single platform.
  • Cforia's order management functionality can work with most popular ERP systems security to
    maintain a correct audit trail.
  • Tie order releases with Promise to Pay Transactions.
  • Works with SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Dynamics, QAD and other ERP systems.

Key Features:

  • Days Beyond Terms Analysis
  • Tracks Clean & Dirty Receivables
  • Promise-to-Pay Transaction
  • Timely Point-of-Sale Support
  • Maintains ERP Audit Trail
  • Real-Time Data Integration

Order Management and Credit Hold Release

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Key Features
<<"Using Cforia's advanced
credit check processing, we were
able to reduce the number of
customer orders going on hold
by 50%. This improved order
velocity and reduced
departmental overhead."

- Generac Power Systems

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