Increase Auto Cash Productivity and Accuracy

Many forms of technology today enable companies to efficiently and quickly resolve
any variety of tasks. However when it comes to managing their money and processing
their cash, many corporations resort to manual methods that are often time-consuming
and can lead to inaccurate results. Payments are handled through printing or viewing
image documents and reconciling them against an electronic General Ledger System.
With your A/R Department handing a large influx of payments, deductions and
disputes it is key that all information is properly recorded and matched to the
appropriate open invoices.

Cforia Software's OCR Auto Cash Application provides companies with the abiltiy to
leverage automation to improve cash application productivity by 100% or more,
while also increasing accuracy. This application can automatically download and
extract data from Treasury Service Lockbox check and remittance image files as well
as support both United States and International banking formats including BAI, BAI2
and MT940. Eliminate the hassle of manually comparing documents or images to
open invoices. As a result, your company's accounting system remains constantly
updated and improves A/R workflow.

Seamlessly handle data, paper and image based remittance:

  • Supports multiple site, disparate ERP systems and multiple lockboxes
  • Auto Processing of BAI, BAI2, MT940, EDI 820, Excel and CSV data
  • Automatically download and OCR extract data from Treasury Service Lockbox
    check and remittance .pdf and  .tif image files
  • OCR data extraction from scanned paper remittances
  • Flexi-Template technology automatically extracts data without having to create
    OCR scanning templates
  • Create automated matching rules to support custom and customer specific
    reference fields
  • Automatic correction of typical customer numbering problems that prevent
    straight through processing
  • Automate deductions coding
  • Apply cash directly into your ERP system via synthetic BAI2, any flat file format
    or server side scripting.

Key Features:

  • MT940 File Format
  • BAI2 File Format
  • EDI Remittances
  • Spreadsheet Remittances
  • OCR Extract Images
  • OCR Extract Paper Remittances
  • Cash Application Auto Matching

OCR Auto Cash Application

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Key Features
<<" We are processing
remittance files through
Cashbook from all our major
customers: Toyota, Honda,
Nissan and Mitsubishi. I have
been impressed with the ease of
use of Cashbook and processing
time has been reduced from 5
days to 1 day."

- Darka Rajevic
A/R Manager

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