Automatic Dunning and Collection Letters

Does your A/R Department depend on over burdened IT for Dunning and Collection Letters?

Cforia delivers your A/R Department an automated dunning tool to increase efficiency
and cash flow. Our user friendly system automatically sends dunning letters in multiple
languages, currencies and brands based on your unique business.

Automatic escalation allows the appropriate messages to be sent to your customers
based on delinquency.

Real-time integration assures that customer payments are immediately considered to
avoid sending letters once they have paid. These tools provide an efficient solution for
all aspect of the Automatic Dunning Process.

Automatic Dunning and Collection Letters:

  • User friendly letter engine enable you to design your own templates as well as adjust rules to
    keep up with the current economic times.
  • Supports multiple languages, currencies and brands enabling you to send correspondence to
    your customers in their native language and currency.
  • Matches each customer with the appropriate collection letter.
  • Create automated letters with embedded financial details.
  • Correspond with your Customer via their preferred method including email, mail, or fax.
  • Create an audit trail that maintains  copies of customer correspondence.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Dunning Letters
  • User Definable Rules Engine
  • Maintain an Audit Trail
  • Multi-Currency, Multi-Language
  • Supports Multiple Brands
  • Embed Financial Details in Letters
  • Real-Time Data Integration

Automatic Dunning & A/R Collection Letters

A/R Workbench:
Key Features
<<" Cforia enabled a new
process that included
pro-actively sending thank you
letters that, partnered with a
follow-up phone call, allowed us
to uncover problems before the
due date. This approach allowed
us to provide excellent customer
service and save $500K in
working capital interest expense
the first year."

- Rich Daudelin, CFO, Club Car
Club Car Logo - succesful dunning and collection letters example
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