Cash to GL Reconciliation

Maintain Financial Control Through Auto Cash Reconciliation

The effective management of account reconciliation is a crucial component in maintaining
the workflow of your company’s A/R. For companies with remote locations who are handling
cash, companies with lockboxes and companies with international offices, the bank
reconciliation is of fundamental importance.

Cforia Software provides a solution for automating the process of Cash to GL
Reconciliation. Using this tool eliminates the manual labor of matching records kept in your
company’s general ledger to cash receipts. Remittance data is consolidated from your
diverse data sources including bank lockboxes, Point-Of-Sale cash receipts, EDI and
spreadsheets. This information is compared directly to specific general ledger accounts
and auto-matching is completed. The module’s powerful matching engine permits users to
customize the rules which ensure the reconciliation of outstanding transactions and improve
company cash recognition.

Seamless Reconciliation of All Cash Movement:

  • Integrates across multiple ERP Systems
  • Auto-Reconciliation of Cash to GL items from remittance advice uploaded from EDI,
    US Lockbox, MT940, bank statements, Excel and OCR scanned hard copy with
    specific GL codes and segments
  • Manual Cash to GL reconciliation for unmatched items
  • Search and sort functionality in reconciling data from the GL or cash sides of the
  • Matched transactions can be reviewed and reversed should incorrect references be
  • Tolerances and write-offs available
  • Auto-matching rules based upon numerous different reference information
  • Multi-currency, multi-site solution solution that can be deployed on multiple
    environments and ERPs
  • Cash to GL Reconciliation can be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly or other
    periodic term

Key Features:

  • Auto-Reconciliation of Cash to GL
  • Custom Periodic Reconciliation
  • Auto-Matching Rules
  • Multi-Currency, Multi-Site Solution
  • Tolerances & Write-Offs
  • Real-Time Data Integration
<< “Cashbook allows us to
effectively record and reconcile
centrally all cash movement
within the  Bridgestone Group.
The volume of cash transactions
is huge so it is vital that we
easily distinguish transactions
at the 60+ retail outlets."

- Yvonne Pondes
Financial Business Analyst
Bridgestone, New Zealand

Cash to GL Reconciliation

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