Excel Spreadsheet Remittance Upload

Automate Excel Remittance File Processing

Many of your medium and large customer AP departments have adopted the practice of
paying via ACH or EFT and providing remittance details in separate Excel spreadsheet or
CSV files. Your corporate ERP System is not set up to automatically upload this type of file,
so they are handled by manual keying by your cash application department.

Cforia Software automates processing of Excel Spreadsheet files and auto matches against
transaction details housed within your ERP GL and SD tables.

Eliminate manual keying of Excel Spreadsheet Files:

  • Leverage our mapping tool to directly process specific customer provided spreadsheet and
    delimited flat files.
  • Provide smaller customers with a pre-defined format that can be automatically processed.
  • Files can be automatically processed whenever FTP/SFTP uploaded into a hot folder or
    emailed to a dedicated email address.
  • Excel Spreadsheet Remittance Advice and ACH payments can be received in any order, days
    apart and can still be automatically matched.
  • Standard matching algorithms include combinations of the following reference data: invoice
    amount, invoice number, purchase order reference, sales order reference, discount amount
    and due date.
  • Auto Matching against entries in ERP GL and SD tables.
  • Find and replace incorrect customer numbers such as Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and AP
    system concatenated Invoice Numbers with the correct Invoice Number that will auto post into
    your ERP.
  • Auto code deductions, disputes, debits and credits.
  • Reconcile and approve a batch of cash for posting from a workstation that has optimized
    workflows prior to posting into the ERP.
  • Post into your ERP system via a BAI2 and flat file formats or server side scripting. Supports
    multiple sites and ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Baan, Lawson, JD Edwards,
    BPCS, MAPICS, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, QAD and many more.

Key Features:

  • Excel & CSV Uploads
  • Customer-Defined Templates
  • FTP/SFTP/Email
  • Auto Process Payments
  • Auto Process Remittance Advice
  • Deductions Coding
  • Real-Time Data Integration

Excel Spreadsheet Remittance File Processing

Cash Application:
<< “We are processing
remittance files through
Cashbook from all our major
customers: Toyota, Honda,
Nissan and Mitsubishi. I have
been impressed with the ease of
use of Cashbook and processing
time has been reduced form 5
days to 1 day."

- Darka Rajevic
A/R Manager
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