EDI-820 Processing

Maintain Financial Control Through Auto Cash Reconciliation

Cforia Software provides a solution for automating the process of Cash to GL Reconciliation.
Using this tool eliminates the manual labor of matching records kept in your company’s
general ledger to cash receipts. Remittance data is consolidated from your diverse data
sources including bank lockboxes, Point-Of-Sale cash receipts, EDI and spreadsheets. This
information is compared directly to specific general ledger accounts and auto-matching is
completed. The module’s powerful matching engine permits users to customize the rules
which ensure the reconciliation of outstanding transactions and improve company cash

Seamless Reconciliation of All Cash Movement:

  • Handles most EDI-820 remittance and EDI-823 ACH formats
  • Standard matching algorithms available include combinations of the following reference data:
    invoice amount, invoice number, purchase order reference, sales order reference, discount
    amount and due date.
  • Matching rules can be modified or enhanced to include other specific reference fields or, as is
    often the case with EDI files, combinations of specific fields.
  • Can incorporate specific business rules which exist between trading partners in order to
    determine correct updates to system including removing duplicate entries and netting
  • Auto processes discount and credit/debit notes.
  • Auto post to any ERP system's A/R and GL
  • Each EDI upload has its own journal, so multiple files can be processed simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • Auto-Reconciliation of Cash to GL
  • Custom Periodic Reconciliation
  • Auto-Matching Rules
  • Mutli-Currency, Multi-Site Solution
  • Tolerances & Write-Offs
  • Real-Time Data Integration

EDI-820 & EDI-823 Processing

<< “We are processing
remittance files through
Cashbook from all our major
customers: Toyota, Honda,
Nissan and Mitsubishi. I have
been impressed with the ease of
use of Cashbook and processing
time has been reduced form 5
days to 1 day."

- Darka Rajevic
A/R Manager
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