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Leverage Existing IT Infrastructure

Today’s IT departments are challenged to do more with fewer resources. You are
tasked with maintaining ever more complex infrastructures while simultaneously managing
new projects with limited resources. In addition, many third-party software interfaces may
require you to rework some of your existing systems.

Cforia understands the challenges of today’s IT departments. Our product’s open
architecture is designed to minimize IT resource requirements, leverage current
investments and deliver an outstanding return on investment. Cforia works around
your requirements, not the other way around. Our applications are designed to overlay your
accounting system(s) and preserve all of your existing technology investments.
As a result, installation is done in hours and the implementation completed in a few weeks.
Typical IT resource requirements are less than three days for the entire
project. Once implemented, system changes can be handled by the users without
relying on the help of IT Professionals.  

The Cforia Solution for IT Professionals:

  • Open Architecture: Protects your existing IT investments and avoid added IT
    departmental support requirements by integrating with your existing corporate
  • Disparate ERP Systems Consolidation: Cforia’s database has extensive
    user fields and flexible table mapping that allows our system to accommodate
    your ERP system or disparate systems with their unique customizations.
  • Insourced Support: Cforia remotely configures and administers our system that
    resides behind your corporate firewall, so that data is synchronized at
    Gigabit Ethernet Speed and system security meets your corporate standards.  
  • Private Cloud Support: Offers Cforia’s A/R Automation as private cloud technology
    that is housed within Cforia’s highly fault tolerant and secure data center. Data is
    incrementally synchronized over a dedicated VPN tunnel. Cforia
    is responsible for all hardware and system administration.
  • Fast Implementation: Cforia Technical Resources take complete responsibility for
    installation, implementation and training.  In just a few weeks Cforia is in and
    out and your A/R Department is up and running
  • Real-Time Data Integration:  Minimize system loads and avoid batch window
    issues through incremental data synchronization between Cforia and source
    ERP system or disparate systems.

Key Features:

  • Disparate ERP Systems
  • Fast Implementation
  • Insourced Support
  • Private Cloud Support
  • Open Architecture
  • Real-Time Data Integration

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Key Features
<<" Cforia's integration
strategy minimized our total
cost of ownership and preserved
all of our existing technology
investments. Finally a third
party software provider
understands that integration is
a key component of a project's

- Bobbi Sy
IT Director
Citizen Watch USA

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