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A/R Department's Sole Working Platform

In today’s competitive market, A/R Departments carry a huge part of the responsibility
for reducing DSO, preventing bad debt expense and maximizing cash flow. Enterprise
software vendors have ignored this process and have forced A/R professionals to use
a number of disconnected and manual tools to handle their responsibilities. How many
reports, accounting system inquiries, notes, fax machines, emails and phone calls do
you use in a day?

Cforia Software provides A/R Professionals with a sole working platform that streamlines
and simplifies every task you perform. It is a tightly integrated system that overlays your
accounting software to be the single interface for all A/R activities. With functionality in
areas such as an A/R Collaboration Portal and a Credit, Collections and Deductions
Workbench, transform your A/R Department into a paperless environment where mundane
daily tasks are automated. With Cforia, Accounts Receivable Professionals finally have a
product designed specifically to meet their unique challenges.

The Cforia Solution for A/R Professionals:

  • Rules Based Collections
  • Promise-to-Pay Tracking
  • Support Point-Of-Sale with Real-time held order management  
  • Days Beyond Terms calculation and trend analysis of every customer’s payment pattern
    against the unique terms of all invoices.
  • Built-In Report Writer that automates cash forecasting and measures key A/R metrics across
    Corporate, Departmental and Individual Collector
  • Separate “clean and dirty” receivables tracking to reduce Days Deductions Outstanding
  • “What You See Is What You Get” programmable Electronic Dunning
  • Prioritized Activity Reminder System that ensures order-hold and release activities and other
    high-impact tasks are accomplished in a timely and efficient manner
  • Deductions coding and database driven follow up
  • Real-Time integration with single and disparate ERP landscapes

Key Features:

  • Credit Management
  • Collections Management
  • Deductions Management
  • Order Hold Management
  • Cash Forecasting & Reporting
  • Electronic Dunning System
  • Real-Time Data Integration

Customer Financial Services- A/R Department

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Key Features
<<" Cforia Software gives
Dorman a unified view of our
A/R across all of our systems.
This enabled key A/R processes
to become database and
computer driven instead of
Excel spreadsheet driven."

- Joe Yackanicz
Director of Customer Financing
Dorman Products

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