Business Process Outsoucing

Breakdown Communication Barriers

The ability to discern and address quality issues across a company’s variety of Accounts
Receivable Management entails six distinct workflows that must work in concert to
maximize performance of one of your balance sheet’s largest values. These six distinct sub
processes include: Order Hold & Release, Collections Management, Credit Management
and Reporting, Sales Force Support, Chargeback and Dispute Management and Lockbox
Auto Cash Application. Companies today use Business Process Outsourcing to outsource
the responsibilities of specific business functions to third party service providers who are
often located half a world away. Outsourcing causes companies to risk customer confusion
and often causes customer dissatisfaction.

Cforia Software’s A/R Automation Workbench provides a solution for your company’s BPO
problems. The Workbench is a synchronized system that links each of the six distinct
workflows in A/R Management together. It increases visibility of your entire A/R Portfolios
and most importantly facilitates collaboration between internal A/R and sourced employees.
No longer does outsourcing portions of your company’s A/R functionality involve a loss of

Improve Key A/R Metrics and Customer Satisfaction:

  • Drive financial results that exceed pure labor arbitrage by increasing retained
    and sourced employee productivity and driving better A/R metrics
  • Facilitate collaboration between internal A/R employees, other company stake
    holders, BPO staff and customers
  • Maintain adequate controls across your internal and external accounts receivable
    processes through creation of an audit trail, process standardization and segregation
    of responsibilities
  • Promise-To-Pay Transaction with automatic payment tracking and flexibility    
  • Prioritize Collection events; Prompt your Collectors to work on the most
    important activities that maximize cash in the door
  • Provide visibility into the number of calls, letters, email and key metrics of every
    Collector in your organization
  • Code, Collaborate and Perform Root-Cause Analysis on Chargebacks
  • Avoid “Collection Loops” by properly coding and escalating disputes on the first
  • Real-Time Data Integration avoids calling customers who already paid

Key Features:

  • Balance Sheet Improvements
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Financial Controls
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Cash Visibility
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Real-Time Data Integration

BPO and A/R Outsourcers

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Key Features
<<" Cforia Software is a big
part of HCL's 3rd generation
BPO strategy. Their A/R
Platform dramatically raises
productivity, so that HCL can
drive better financial results
with less headcount. This allows
us to deliver financials that
greatly exceed simple labor

- William Sides

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