Accounts Receivable Lean Six Sigma

Use A/R Data to Support Lean Six Sigma

The ability to discern and address quality issues across a company’s variety of business
units is crucial to increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.  Many companies utilize
Six Sigma to achieve quality improvement goals using strategies that gather quantifiable,
measurable data. Because of their customer facing role, most A/R Departments are the
first to find out about for quality related deductions and disputes. Proper coding of A/R
deductions and disputes coupled with root cause analysis can make an A/R Department
become a key player in corporate Lean Six Sigma initiatives. However, most companies
do not have the proper systems in place to mine this valuable data and put it to good use.

Cforia Software supports Lean Six Sigma initiatives by improving A/R Department data
collection and analysis. Our A/R Automation Platform provides your company with the tools
it needs to help your receivables department become a key player in your corporation’s
Lean Six Sigma Initiative. OCR Auto Cash Application starts the process off by providing
consistent coding and routing of deductions and disputes. Database driven A/R
Collaboration between shared service A/R employees, customers, field sales, customer
service, warehouse and other departments within your company to assures that
chargebacks and disputes are routed correctly to the proper stakeholder and addressed
promptly. Root Cause Analytics of the results identifies and builds a base case for key
process changes.

Improve Quality, Reduce Chargebacks & Resolve Disputes:

  • Use Root-Cause Analysis to discern and correct preventable disputes and deductions
  • Troubleshoot customer compliance deductions to insitute process changes and
    improve customer satisfaction
  • Facilitate collaboration with other departments and outside stake holders to research
    and approve/disapprove chargebacks
  • Avoid “collection loops” by providing a means to capture and escalate
    deductions and disputes on the first call
  • Database driven collaboration instead of email and spreadsheets
  • Reduce labor associated with coding deductions while improving accuracy
  • Real-Time Seamless Integration of any ERP system(s) including SAP, Oracle, Baan,
    Lawson, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, BPCS, MAPICS and many others

Key Features:

  • Consistent Deductions Coding
  • Database Driven Collaboration
  • Escalation & Resolution
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Drive Process Changes
  • Avoid Defects
  • Real-Time Data Integration

A/R Lean Six Sigma

Key Features
<<" Cforia Software gives
Dorman a unified view of our
A/R across all of our systems.
This enabled key A/R processes
to become database driven
instead of Excel spreadsheet

- Joe Yackanicz
Director of Customer Financing
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