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Credit, Collections, Chargeback and Cash Application Management optimization projects touch many levels within an organization.

The success of any company centers around the ability of these departments to work
together and collaborate on key issues. In discovering new solutions, CFOs, A/R
Professionals and IT Professionals each have their own unique challenges and
opportunities. Cforia Software’s A/R Automation Workbench addresses the individual
needs of each of these key stake holders and provides a solution that adds value and
productivity to every member in your organization.

In addition to addressing the needs of these individuals, Cforia's Workbench provides
solutions for your company as a whole. Many companies utilize Six Sigma to achieve
quality improvement goals using strategies that gather quantifiable, measurable data.
Our A/R Automation Platform provides your company with the tools it needs to help your
receivables department become a key player in your corporation’s Lean Six Sigma

The synchronization and integration capabilities of Cforia's products facilitates
collaboration and improves A/R Management in areas where multiple business units and
resources are employed. For corporations using Business Process Outsourcing to
outsource the responsibilities of specific business functions, Cforia's A/R Automation
Workbench increases visibility of all your A/R portfolios and facilitates collaboration
between internal and sourced employees. Integration with your company's Financial Shared
Service Center allows your company to reuse existing technology to solve multi-currency,
multi-language, multiple payment types and data sync issues to work effectively according
to your company and client needs.
Accounts Receivable
Solutions Overview
Key Features
<<"Our Shared Services Center
used Cforia Software to
implement a Thank You for
Your Business Collection
System. The system reduced
DSO by over 20%, resulting in
freed up working capital of over
$500K in the first year, while
improving customer
satisfaction that results in
repeat Club Car business."

- Club Car

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