Support that assures success

Providing support for all customers who are live and running on our current release of
A/R Automation Software is an area where many large software providers fail. Often
large companies outsource their support calls or leave you with an automated voice on
the phone with a complicated phone tree to navigate through.

With Cforia Software, our support begins onsite with your company during the
implementation stage and continues after go-live. During the implementation stage,
Cforia Technical Resources remain onsite with your company as they complete
installation and training in just a matter of weeks.

Cforia Support even reduces your internal IT learning curve and support requirements
through our  Insourced or Private Cloud Support, where we take full responsibility for all
hardware and system administration. Cforia Support is one of the primary reasons
customers switch from competitive A/R Automation Software to Cforia.

The Cforia Difference in Support:

  • Insourced Support: Cforia remotely configures and administers our system that
    resides behind your corporate firewall, so that data is synchronized at Gigabit
    Ethernet Speeds and system security meets your corporate standards.  
  • Private Cloud Support: Offers Cforia’s A/R Automation as private cloud technology
    that is housed within Cforia’s highly fault tolerant and secure data center.  Data is
    incrementally synchronized over a dedicated VPN tunnel.
    Cforia is responsible for all hardware and system administration.
  • Includes Bug Fixes, Enhancement & Upgrades: Protects your investment over
    the long term by keeping your software up to date
  • Ongoing Web Based Training:  Assures that your company is able to make best
    use of our software
  • Extensive Support Window: Direct support Monday through Friday 3AM to 8PM
    Eastern Time. Off-hour support via paged response  
  • Seamless Support Escalation: Gets you to the right support level quickly and
Key Features
<<" We switched from Cforia's
major competitor and have
found that Cforia provides much
better response whenever we
need technical support. Their
escalation to the most senior
support levels is quick and

- Andrea Breault
Director, Shared Services
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Extended Software Support

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Extensive Support Window
Includes Upgrades and Fixes
Initial Go-Live Support
Insourced Support
Private Cloud Support
Seamless Escalation
Web Based Training