Promise-to-Pay Transaction

Improve Customer Payment Performance

In today’s economy, maximizing overall company revenue is crucial. As a member of your
company’s A/R Department it is your job to make sure customers are paying on time.
Oftentimes, tracking customer payment commitments involves using a number of tools
such as spreadsheets, separate Access databases, countless phone calls and maybe
even sticky notes. Without the implementation of a streamlined process, you run the risk of
losing track of promised payments.

Cforia Software offers a robust Promise-to-Pay Transaction system that allows collectors to
document customer agreements and track them effectively to maximize productivity and
cash flow. Promises are date stamped for collector follow up and as an agent to increasing
cash flow forecasting. Additionally, Cforia’s high level of automation and integration with
email and facsimile servers increase the timeliness of past due communications to your
customer base, allowing your collectors to be more proactive in their calls. With our
real-time capabilities, Cforia’s system automatically extinguishes promise date reminders
as soon as cash is received in your ERP system. Broken promises are served up to
collectors as high priority.

Every single Cforia customer has this functionality enabled in their core Credit, Collection
and Deductions workbench. This functionality is used to manage over $186 billion in
accounts receivables. Our Promise-to-Pay transaction helps client A/R Departments avoid
having to keep track of their promises in off-platform systems.

Deliver PTPs with the customer on the phone :

  • Separate clean and dirty receivables tracking allows Promise-to-Pays to be calculated
    immediately while the customer is on the phone.
  • Real-Time integration with fax and email servers increase the timeliness of past due
    communications to your customer base.
  • Automatic reminders and payment tracking assures promises are kept.
  • Real-Time ERP integration extinguishes PTPs as soon as cash is received to avoid bothering
    customers who kept their promise.
  • Works with any ERP system including SAP, Oracle, Baan, Lawson, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards,
    BPCS, Mapics, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and many more.

Key Features:

  • Clean & Dirty Receivables
  • Real-Time Faxing and Emailing
  • Auto Tracks Cash Receipt
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Create an Audit Trail
  • Held Order and Release Function
  • Real-Time Data Integration

Promise-to-Pay Transaction

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Key Features
<<" Cforia Software gives
Dorman a unified view of our
A/R across all of our systems.
This enabled key A/R processes
to become database instead of
Excel spreadsheet driven."

- Joe Yackanicz
Director of Customer Financing
Dorman Products

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