A/R Visibility & Prioritization

Increase A/R Visibility into all Collection Activities

Accounts Receivable is one of the most important components on a company’s balance
sheet. As a member of the A/R Department, you are presented with the challenge of
managing five different processes: the order hold and release function, collections
management, credit management, A/R collaboration and deductions and disputes. Each of
these processes requires a different workflow and without a consolidation platform to unify
five sources of information, it becomes difficult to maximize your A/R Department’s

Cforia Software’s A/R Automation platform provides your A/R Department with the
consolidated platform it needs to increase cash flow. Its A/R Collaboration Portal gives your
A/R Department a clear view of all activities pertaining to its customers as well as the ability
to view key performance metrics of other collectors such as DSO, DBT and DDO.  The
platform also offers functionality in credit, collections and deductions management with the
Credit, Collections and Deductions Workbench that allows you to use Promise-to-Pay
Transactions to track payments and manage order holds and release. With Real-Time
Database Integration at the heart of the platform, customer accounts are constantly updated,
presenting you with the accurate information you need to manage all collection-related

Improve Key A/R Metrics and Customer Satisfaction:

  • A consolidated platform that includes: Credit, Collections and Deductions Workbench, OCR
    Auto Cash Application, EIPP Self-Service Portal, A/R Collaboration Portal and Real-Time
    Database Integration.
  • Ability to view how many calls, letters and Promise-to-Pay Transactions are being made as well
    as key performance metrics such as DSO, DBT and DDO for every individual.
  • Create an audit trail that tracks customer's payment history and trends to avoid bad debt.
  • Track customer's A/R metrics and measurements with a Management Dashboard.
  • Use root-cause analysis to prevent unatuthorized chargebacks.
  • Enhance visibility into how your Business Process Outsourcing is handling your account.
    Cforia's A/R Collaboration Portal allows your outsource partner to collaborate and escalate
    issues that they uncover.
  • Cforia's automated cash forecasting leverages individual customer Separate Clean and Dirty
    Receivables Tracking, Days Beyond Terms trending and Promise-to-Pay Tracking.

Key Features:

  • Balance Sheet Improvements
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Financial Controls
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Cash Visibility
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Real-Time Integration


Accounts Receivable Visibility & Prioritization

Key Features
<<" Cforia Software gives
Dorman a unified view of our
A/R across all 0f our systems.
This enabled key A/R processes
to become database and
computer driven instead of
Excel spreadsheet driven."

- Joe Yackanicz
Director of Customer Financing
Dorman Products
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