A Company-Wide Solution to
Inter-Departmental Collaboration

For many companies, managing and quantifying deductions, disputes and chargebacks is
a challenge. Chargebacks and disputes originate outside of the A/R Department, yet the
A/R team is held accountable for resolution. Resolving these disputes often leads to
spending an excessive amount of time and manual effort researching invalid deductions.

Cforia Software’s A/R Collaboration Portal allows outside departments to collaborate on
these A/R related issues such as deductions and dispute resolution, credit and collections
issues and charge-off approvals. With this portal, outside department interaction becomes
database driven instead of tracking responses with emails and spreadsheets and prevents
work items from falling between the cracks. Companies can pro-actively reconcile
transactions through the use of technology to identify, assign, route and track disputes and

Seamless Credit, Collections & Deductions Collaboration:

  • Automated Deduction Management & Resolution.
  • Import and identification of chargeback code.
  • Stakeholder identification and notification.
  • Integration with Internet Proof-of-Delivery.
  • Document Imaging Support.
  • Root-Cause Tracking.
  • Ability to integrate into CRM systems such as Salesforce.com and Siebel.
  • Single Sign-On functionality available.
  • Real-Time Reporting.
  • Inter-departmental Collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Credit & Collections Collaboration
  • Deductions Collaboration
  • Root-Cause Tracking
  • Write-Off Approval
  • Follow-Up Tracking
  • Real-Time Data Integration

A/R Collaboration Portal

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Key Features
<<" Since implementation, our
sales have increased by over
25%. In just six months, our
DDO decreased by 20% and
headcount by 25%."

- Mike Hamalak
Ferrero USA, Inc.

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